Investment And Trade EXPO

          ?The World Manufacturing Convention2019, approved by the State Council, is scheduled to be held in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, from September 20th to 23rd.

          The convention is co-sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Chinese Academy of Engineering, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China-Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, etc. Themed with"Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity: Embracing the New Era of Manufacturing", this convention adheres to the new development concept, promotes high-quality development, and focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies,new organizational forms and new industrial clusters, thus promoting the "the Belt and Road Initiative", deepening the implementation of the Yangtze River Delta integration development strategy, facilitating the rise of the central China while sharing opportunities, seeking common development and win-win cooperation. Itis to build a global manufacturing event with international influence.

          At present, the main activities of the convention include 28 events of four aspects: "Important Events, High-Level Summits, Project Matchmaking Program , and Parallel Sessions".

          Important events: the opening ceremony of the convention, plenary session, launch of Hefei Initiative, award ceremony, official meeting,welcome banquet, official inspection tour.

          High-level summits: expert forum on manufacturing upgrading and development; SMEs(private enterprises) roundtable.

          Project matchmaking program: project matchmaking events for "Central Enterprises, Private Enterprises, Foreign Enterprises, Hong Kong and Macao Enterprises, Taiwanese Enterprises, and Overseas Chinese Enterprises".

          Parallel sessions: Thirty activities will be held during the session, including SMEs Quality Manufacturing High-Level Forum, China’s Private Manufacturing Development Forum, Industrial Internet High-Level Forum and the Second Industrial Internet Summit of the Yangtze River Delta, Integrated Circuit Industry High-Level Forum, AI:China’s Speech Valley High-Level Forum, Intelligent Connected Vehicles High-Level Forum, International Industrial Design High-Level Forum, Smart Manufacturing and Innovation Forum, Intellectual Property Operations and Protection Forum, Quality and Brand Development Forum, Innovation-driven Growth&Development of Manufacturing High-Level Forum, Anhui Entrepreneurs Forum, Anhui Trip for Consular Officers in Shanghai.

          The convention will feature ten exhibition areas including comprehensive lobby, international manufacturing exhibition area, Yangtze River Delta integration exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing exhibition area (including authoritative information), high-end manufacturing exhibition area, service-oriented manufacturing exhibition area, green manufacturing exhibition area, digital economy exhibition area, commodity trading area and outdoor autonomous vehicle exploration area. These exhibition areas will focus on the highlights and characteristics of current international and Chinese intelligent manufacturing, as well as a number of new achievements, new ideas and new breakthroughs in the development of manufacturing industry in Yangtze River Delta.

          The convention will invite manufacturing authorities both at home and abroad and competent industrial ministries, including Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Some authoritative information in the manufacturing field both at home and abroad will be released during the convention in an effort to build an authoritative brand in the manufacturing industry.

          July 27,2019